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Join Kara Kavensky as she explores powerful stories of healing and transformation. Her guests all have unique backgrounds and are transforming the world in their own amazing ways.

Impactful and honest, the stories shared via Finding Joy with Kara can provide a distinctive healing salve. We could all use more joy in our lives!

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Nov 25, 2021

Paul Kapsalis is an author, coach, and dreamer. He and his family discovered soccer when he was 5 years old in St. Louis. Paul’s story is one of the GOAT sports stories. Never count out the underdog, especially one that is driven by love and passion for a sport.

Growing up in the Midwest, Paul Kapsalis dreamed of playing soccer at powerhouse Indiana University, but coaches said he simply wasn't good enough. After barely making the team, he fought through years of rejection, failure, and a career-threatening injury that sidelined him for an entire season. Then he surprised even himself by becoming captain of that powerhouse program. Listen to how he accomplished this and discover the lessons Paul has carried throughout his life and learn other valuable insights on his journey. He has chronicled his story in his autobiography, To Chase a Dream. Paul has also written The Leadership Code.

Listen as we explore Paul’s miraculous journey and legacy.

“Believing in yourself can take you far. Having others believe in you can take you farther.” — Paul Kapsalis.

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