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Join Kara Kavensky as she explores powerful stories of healing and transformation. Her guests all have unique backgrounds and are transforming the world in their own amazing ways.

Impactful and honest, the stories shared via Finding Joy with Kara can provide a distinctive healing salve. We could all use more joy in our lives!

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Nov 4, 2021

The Arc of Indiana is committed to all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities realizing their goals of living, learning, working, and fully participating in the community.

Fate is what brought Kim Dodson to her current position, for it was literally an accident while she was a junior at Purdue University that steered her career course. Dodson was involved in a fatal car crash that claimed the life of her fiance. After recovering from her own injuries, she changed her major from investment banking to pre-law. During the course of an internship for a Congressman, Dodson was introduced to lobbying.

Dodson worked for a law firm as a lobbyist representing the Amusement Parks. It was during that time that Dodson met Emily Hunt, a young woman badly injured in an amusement park accident that claimed the life of Hunts grandmother and rendered Hunt a quadriplegic. Hunt was lobbying for increased safety inspections at amusement parks. Dodson was representing the other side. After a hearing on this issue, Dodson returned to the law firm and told her boss that they needed a compromise. The managing partner said no. Dodson quit two months later. (the law firm no longer exists)

That summer, reports of abuse and neglect leaked out about the treatment of patients with special needs at state-run institutions. And she had no history of people with disabilities but was called to help in this effort, as it greatly offended her. Dodson called The Arc of Indiana. Then Executive Director John Dickerson was looking for a lobbyist. Now 20+ years later, Dodson is the Executive Director and advocating for equality for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Listen to Kim’s story and the importance of the Arc’s mission and their amazing accomplishments — and they are just getting started.

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